[FIXED] You can't submit updates as some information about your app is incomplete (Google Play)


Cannot update my app in Google Play since it says:

This release includes the com.google.android.gms.permission.AD_ID
permission but your declaration on Play Console says your app doesn’t
use advertising ID.

You must update your advertising ID declaration.

First thing is that the app not using ads.

The library which is injecting the permission is -> jetified-play-services-ads-identifier-18.0.0 but i don’t know where it is coming from.
Also to be sure that this permission(no matter what) is deleted, added in my app manifest:

<uses-permission android:name="com.google.android.gms.permission.AD_ID" tools:node="remove" />

But it is still saying that my app cannot be updated because it is containing that permission. I have checked the manifest via APK analyzer just to be sure, and it doesn’t have the permission in the manifest file(i don’t know why it is still saying that the permission is there)…

Also updated the Advertising Setting on Play Store:
enter image description here

But still the same is happening 🙁


Found where this permissions are coming from and disabed those modules:

implementation ("com.google.firebase:firebase-analytics-ktx:21.1.0") {
        exclude module: "play-services-ads-identifier"
        exclude module: "play-services-measurement"
        exclude module: "play-services-measurement-sdk"
        exclude module: "play-services-measurement-api"

After that change the merged manifest doesn’t contains anymore that permission also tested via APK Analyzer too but unfortunately Google Play still says that the app contains the permissions (WEIRD)…

Any help is appreciated 🙂


After contacting Google Play support they replied and said that if you use analytics we need to choose YES on The AD_ID permission for an analytics use case on the Advertising ID section.

You should not remove permission manually or remove analytics sub-modules that contain AD_ID permission since it can break things…

So just need to choose YES even if the app is not using Ads.

enter image description here

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