[FIXED] Xamarin: Getting error while building -> invalid file path 'obj\Debug\90\res\views\layouttest.xml'


While I’m trying to build my Xamarin App, it stops everytime with the error message "invalid file path 'obj\Debug\90\res\views\layouttest.xml'". I tried to delete the directory, rebuild or clean the solution and build it again.
The error comes from the Android Project.
The file that is marked from VS is in the directory:
Directory Output

As Land Lu – MSFT mentioned below, was an unused file the issue. Deleting the file and rebuilding the project worked just fine!


It seems there is a cache file named layouttest.xml in your project.
Try to remove the file there if you don’t need it.

Delete the bin/obj folders of your project to make a full cleaning. Finally, rebuild your project to complete the compiling.

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