[FIXED] Xamarin Debug > iPhone – you must now execute: lldb -s /tmp/mtouch-lldb-prep-cmds


I “think” I was doing some debugging thing a while ago where I set something in Visual Studio for MAC to help me find an issue, I cannot recall what it is.

Do we have a Xamarin Columbo in the house?

When I run my project on Xamarin Debug > iPhone

All I get is “waiting to connect to Debugger”, then this in the output

You must now execute: lldb -s /tmp/mtouch-lldb-prep-cmds

Can anyone tell me what I have set?

I have looked in my iOS csproj file for some odd property to no avail

EDIT: Sorry, I ended up reinstalling Visual Studio and the issue went away, but can no longer debug it.


You were probably trying to debug your Xamarin.iOS app using Xcode by following the instructions here.

What you see is what you get in the Application Output after following the instructions

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