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I have run into an issue with distributing my Android app to google play, I have no idea why its happened, but all of the sudden I am no longer able to select "Google play" when choosing distribute, instead I can only select "Ad Hoc"

I am unsure whether this means I need to create a new APK file and sign it with my keystore file (which I have), this has happend to all 3 of my apps, which have been updated and released 30+ times each with no issues, I am a little hesitant with creating a new APK though, because I was of the understanding that is only needed when creating a new app, and not when you want to upload an updated version of the same app.

The "google play" button is simply greyed out as seen on the image.

enter image description here

So far I’ve tried "cleaning solution" deleting obj/debug folders and rebuilding, trying the same with an older build of the code, where everything was working (I know because I already distributed that build earlier). I have also tried to reverse to an older version of Visual Studio, just in case the newest version was buggy, also without luck, and also doing a full reinstall/clear of everything Xamarin and Visual studio related.

A small sidenote is that I have also been unable to succesfully get my certificates and download my profiles from my apple account, now while this is not related to the Android release, its just curious that these things happened at the same time.

I am simply unsure whether or not the "Google play" button being greyed out, means the APK is missing a signing, and if so, whether I can just create a new APK sign it with the keystore file I have and everything is back to normal?




can you build an APK and submit to Google manually?

Jasons suggestion worked for me, still can’t use Visual studio to distribute to google play, so the manual approach worked, simply not worth it to waste more time trying to figure out why Visual studio isn’t doing as it used to.

Quick update:

I reverted back to Visual Studio 2022 v. 17.05

And now my iOS building/archiving works again, its apparently very ill adviced to update your visual studio if you use Xamarin.

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