[FIXED] This element <ion-select-option#ion-selopt-0.md.hydrated> is not visible because it has CSS property: display: none


I’m writing a Cypress test to select options from ion-select-option. Typically I’d use Cypress select() command with the (‘option text’) but that doesn’t work. So as a work around I’m using the following:


This gets me a little closer, it opens the drop down option ‘Woman’ but it won’t select the option because of the following error:

This element <ion-select-option#ion-selopt-0.md.hydrated> is not visible because it has CSS property: display: none

Even when I add the css property to display: anything but none, then it gives me another error related to pixels = 0.

Here’s the actual HTML:

      <ion-select formControlName="gender" placeholder="*Gender">
        <ion-select-option data-cy="gender-dropdown" *ngFor="let genOption of genderOptions"> {{genOption}}</ion-select-option>


I know once I’m able to select the option, I will probably have issues clicking the ‘Done’ button on the drop down.

I’ve googled this issue as well as searched Stack to no avail.
I’ve also tried using {force: true} in the click() method but that doesn’t actually click the option. The test simply passes without it ever clicking the option.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Notice in the screenshot the testing attribute data-cy="gender-dropdown" does not appear.

If you search upwards (inside <ion-router-outlet>) the element that has the data-cy attribute is

<ion-select-option _ngcontent-dwb-c144="" data-cy="gender-dropdown" value="Woman" 
  class="md hydrated">Woman</ion-select-option>

but it’s not the one you want to click.

Assuming you have opened the select a popup appears, a new section is added dynamically to the DOM with values based on the data-cy="gender-dropdown" tagged elements.

Unfortunately the popup does not carry the data-cy attribute, but you can search for the text within the ion-alert element:

// Opening the select
cy.contains('label', '*Gender')  // placeholder label
  .parent()                      // parent ion-select
  .click()                       // open

// Choosing the option
cy.get('ion-alert').within(() => {                       // popup section
  cy.contains('button.select-interface-option', 'Woman').click()

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