[FIXED] Tag mismatch error-Android studio


I have trying for hours surfing online almost through every link both on stack overflow and google, but I couldn’t find a possible solution for the Tag Mismatch error!

I updated my android studio to the version 2.3 on ubuntu 16.04 lts. Before that it was working perfectly. During the download, an error occurred saying the tag mismatch and I couldn’t download Intel x86 Atom Image. Later on, I found the same error saying that Gradle project sync failed, Tag Mismatch!

After trying almost everything I had to go for un-installing and installing again! To un-install I followed this.

Then I to re-install I followed this.

But still the same error with syncing.

If you need more info let me know!


I got this problem before, it’s caused by an incomplete download of gradle.

Go to your .gradle folder, for me it’s in /home/myusername/.gradle/wrapper/dists/gradle-2.14.1-all/8bnwg5hd3w55iofp58khbp6yvs/, note your gradle filename (e.g., gradle-2.14.1-all.zip).

Go to https://services.gradle.org/distributions/ and download the zip file here (e.g., gradle-2.14.1-all.zip), then just replace the corrupted one with you downloaded file.

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