[FIXED] Setting up the Android Studio directory on Flutter Doctor


I’m setting up an application development environment with Flutter.
I’m having trouble installing Android Studio: I can’t set the directory where Android Studio is installed. I’ve got an error, as shown in the picture. How do I find the correct directory?

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You default Android Studio directory should be C:\Program Files\Android\Android Studio.

If you are searching for the Android SDK location, check out here.

The warning/error you are getting on flutter doctor is telling you that he cannot find Android Studio in the path C:\Program, this means you will need to set it manually. To do it, run the following command(s) with the correct path.

flutter config --android-studio-dir "[YOURPATH]"
flutter config --android-sdk "[YOURPATH]"

This should be the expected output of the flutter doctor


Remember to use those " " to indicate the path of Android Studio, otherwise you’ll have this output, that is not what we want: Setting "android-studio-dir" value to "C:\Program".

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