[FIXED] Regex in Java: match groups until first symbol occurrence


My string looks like this:

"Chitkara DK, Rawat DJY, Talley N. The epidemiology of childhood recurrent abdominal pain in Western countries: a systematic review. Am J Gastroenterol. 2005;100(8):1868-75. DOI."

What I want is to get letters in uppercase (as separate words only) until first dot, to get: DK DJY N. But not other characters after, like J DOI.

Here`s my part of code for Java class Pattern:


Is there a general option in regex to stop matching after certain character?


You can make use of the contionous matching using \G and extract your desired matches from the first capturing group:


You need to use the MULTILINE flag to use this in a multiline context. If your content is always a single line you may drop the |^ from your pattern.

See https://regex101.com/r/JXIu21/3

Note that regex101 uses a PCRE pattern, but all features used are also available in Java regex.

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