[FIXED] Pass a variable at build time into externalNativeBuild in Android


Is there a way to pass a constant at compile time into the externalNativeBuild gradle enclosure, and to be able to use it in code?

For example:

externalNativeBuild {
    cmake {
        arguments "-DTEST=" + rootProject.ext.value

And the to be able to use it somehow like next:

void foo() {
   int bla = TEST;

Note that the above code is not working, as TEST is not recognized by the c++ compiler, which is what I am trying to solve.


The easiest solution will be to use add_definitions:


to your CMakeLists.txt file.

Another one would be to use configuration file

Basing on Native sample app from Android Studio:

  1. Create file: config.h.in in the same folder as default native-lib.cpp with following contents:

    #cmakedefine TEST ${TEST}
  2. In CMakeLists.txt add:

    # This sets cmake variable to the one passed from gradle.
    # This TEST variable is available only in cmake but can be read in
    # config.h.in which is used by cmake to create config.h
    set(TEST ${TEST}) 
    configure_file( config.h.in ${CMAKE_BINARY_DIR}/generated/config.h )
    include_directories( ${CMAKE_BINARY_DIR}/generated/ ) 

(add it for example, above add_library call)

  1. Finally, add #include "config.h" in you cod (ex. in native-lib.cpp) to use TEST macro.

  2. Rebuild

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