[FIXED] OpencvSharp ver (Any CPU build) not supported in mono for android


I am working on Xamarin Android project which requires some image processing.
I tried integrating the latest(Any CPU build) version of OpenCVSharp in to my Xamarin.Android project. The home page of OpenCvsharp Github says OpenCVsharp can run on any platform which supports mono. But when the assemblies are loaded on compilation, it is returning a FileNotFoundException- “Could not load assembly System.Drawing. What is the work around to get it working in mono for android ? Thank you in advance


OpenCV requires System.Drawing, and in turn is dependent of GDI+. Thus, it only supports full CLR profile, such as .NET Framework from Microsoft or full Mono on Mac OS X and Linux, where GDI+ is available.

For Xamarin.Android, or any other CLR profiles that lack of GDI+, you have to use alternatives, such as Android native image support,


Answered By – Lex Li

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