[FIXED] Need an IDE for Android NDK + SDK development


Since I’ve got issues with ndk development on eclipse (multiple errors when I open a .c file in the JNI so I cannot set any breakpoint without close and reopen the project after it) I was wondering if any of you has the knowledge of another IDE which would be more effective for an environment where I intent to use the NDK for calling a native library and the SDK for the rest (App gui, calls to lib, etc…)

Many thanks for your advices.


I’ll recommend to use Android-Studio based on IntelliJ IDEA from jetBrains when there will be a v1 release, its UI is clear and effective and the debugger is less annoying than eclipse’s one, however native development is a bit tricky unlike eclipse which provides the appropriated plugins when you write your module in C++ (if you do it in C, the compiler will take it as an error when you’ll open your file in the IDE).
So I’ll develop in native using eclipse until a native module exists for Android Studio.

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