[FIXED] Lower the 'Deployment Target' to see older simulators or check your Apple SDK path warning after update


I updated my XCode to XCode 13 for make test my Xamarin.iOS app on ios 15 devices. I updated visual studio for mac app to version 8.10.9
After this updating, I opened my app in visual studio for mac but when I try to choose devices, I can’t see devices. There is only a message that: "Lower the ‘Deployment Target’ to see older simulators or check your Apple SDK path"

I tried to change deployment target and I checked Apple SDK path from Preferences/SDK Locations/Apple/Apple SDK. I tried to set path both "/Applications/Xcode.app" and "/Applications/Xcode.app/". But none of them didn’t worked for me. What sould I do?

Thanks in advance.


There isn’t a Xcode 13 compatible version of Visual Studio for Mac/Xamarin.iOS released yet. It should be here soon, but if you need it to work now, go over to the Apple Developer portal and download the latest Xcode 12 version and (re)install that.

More information can be found here.

Answered By – Gerald Versluis

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