[FIXED] How to use su command over adb shell?


I need to make a script that executes a lots of thing on Android device, my device is rooted, when I enter on the shell, I can give the command su, and it works but I need pass this command like:

adb shell "
mv /sdcard/Download/app_test /data/local;
cd /data/local;

when I put some commands before the su it works, according what I read su creates a new shell that return immediately, but I need give commands on the su shell, how can I do that?


Well, if your phone is rooted you can run commands with the su -c command.

Here is an example of a cat command on the build.prop file to get a phone’s product information.

adb shell "su -c 'cat /system/build.prop |grep "product"'"

This invokes root permission and runs the command inside the ' '.

Notice the 5 end quotes, that is required that you close ALL your end quotes or you will get an error.

For clarification the format is like this.

adb shell "su -c '[your command goes here]'"

Make sure you enter the command EXACTLY the way that you normally would when running it in shell.

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