[FIXED] How To Stop Git-Bash command on windows


I am developing HTML 5 Android app using Ionic Framework.

it successfully builds and run successfully.

But after opening a application in my device nexus 7(works correctly in device),
the git bash on my laptop just doesn’t let me enter new command. it just stays at LAUNCH SUCCESS.

My question is how can i enter new command or run/build the app again?, without exit and opening the git-bash again.

Here is screenshot of Git-bash command line.

screenshot of Git-bash command line


I’m not familiar with how Ionic works but should you be doing this in Git Bash? Did you try on cygwin, since you seem to be on windows?

Anyhow, Ctrl+c should do, have you tried that?

Answered By – Robin Eisenberg

Answer Checked By – David Marino (Easybugfix Volunteer)

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