[FIXED] How to show dynamic component in Angular Ionic Modal


In an Angular Ionic app I want to show a modal presenting content from a dynamic loaded component.

I’m using ion-modal tag, but since it uses ng-template tag to present content, I’m not able to access the host container inside it:

This is a Stackblitz demo showing the non working code.

Here you can see my host div inside the ng-template:

  <ion-modal [trigger]="'open-modal-2'">
    <ion-content [scrollY]="false">
        <div #myHost></div> <!-- host inside ng-template! -->

When I try to access myHost, it is undefined (even using AfterViewInit):

export class AppComponent implements AfterViewInit {
 @ViewChild('myHost', { static: false, read: ViewContainerRef }) myHost;

  ngAfterViewInit(): void {
    console.log(this.myHost); // undefined
    const componentRef = this.myHost.createComponent(HelloComponent);


I arrived to the conclusion that for this case it’s necessary to use Ionic ModalController instead of ion-modal. See Controller Modals.

This is the working Stackblitz demo.

app.component.ts Inject ModalController service and create method for presenting the modal:

export class AppComponent {
  name: string = '';

  constructor(private modalCtrl: ModalController) {}

  async openModal() {
    const modal = await this.modalCtrl.create({
      component: CustomComponent,

    const { data, role } = await modal.onWillDismiss();

    if (role === 'confirm') {
      this.name = data;

app.component.html Assign click event to the method:

      <ion-item [button]="true" (click)="openModal()">
        <ion-label>ControllerModal Modal</ion-label>
    <h1>Hello {{ name }}</h1>

custom.component.ts Create the component that will be inserted in the modal; it also injects ModalController so it can dismiss:

export class CustomComponent implements OnInit {
  name: string;

  constructor(private modalCtrl: ModalController) {}

  ngOnInit() {}

  cancel() {
    this.modalCtrl.dismiss(null, 'cancel');

  confirm() {
    this.modalCtrl.dismiss(this.name, 'confirm');

custom.component.html Just a simple form with two buttons:

    <ion-buttons slot="start">
      <ion-button color="medium" (click)="cancel()">Cancel</ion-button>
    <ion-buttons slot="end">
      <ion-button (click)="confirm()">Confirm</ion-button>
<ion-content class="ion-padding">
    <ion-label position="stacked">Your name</ion-label>
    <ion-input [(ngModel)]="name" placeholder="Your name"></ion-input>

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