[FIXED] how to remove emulator from tool window android studio


for the new android version 4.1 or newer, we can run the emulator directly to the android studio tool window. it’s good. so I add an emulator there, but I face some problems seeing this full screen of the emulator if I open logcat. so, now I want to remove the emulator from there. (i am unable to find out this setting, that where we remove this connection form directly show in android studio).

see this image,(it helps you to get my question proper)

again, in short, I want to remove the emulator tool window from my android studio. (i want to directly open this in the default way, where i will able to use emulator without showing inside of android studio)

enter image description here


go to File -> Setting -> tools -> Emulator and uncheck the checkbox (Launch in tool window) and apply changes. That’s it. and restart your emulator

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