[FIXED] How to get Version.Code in Android using C++?


I use native C++ with my Android project.

In Java or Kotlin we can use BuildVersion.Code to get the Android code from the Gradle file. How can I get this version code in C++?


This is working for me:

jclass build_config_class = env->FindClass("com/example/app/BuildConfig");
jfieldID version_code_id = env->GetStaticFieldID(build_config_class, "VERSION_CODE", "I");
jfieldID version_name_id = env->GetStaticFieldID(build_config_class, "VERSION_NAME",

int version_code = env->GetStaticIntField(build_config_class, version_code_id);
jstring version_name = (jstring) env->GetStaticObjectField(build_config_class, version_name_id);

You need to change com/example/app in the code to match your package name.

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