[FIXED] How to force converter to update value if properties did not changed in Xamarin?


I am just curious that if any reason i want my converter to be refreshed, without the actual properties changed, can somehow i force the converter to be triggered?

Thanks in advance!


Unfortunately, converters are indeed only triggered upon data change. Xamarin’s binding values goes into details about the specifications surrounding this. Therefore unless your data changes, the converter will not "re-convert" your data.

Alternatives depending on your specific constraints or desired behavior could be to look into Xamarin’s Triggers if you want to trigger your converter again depending on a state change, device behavior (rotation, network, etc) or something of the sort.

Lastly, if this is really a periodically timed refresh you are looking for – I would lowly recommend this – but you could always look into having a timer pushing same value over and over again on the property you are bound to and converting.

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