[FIXED] How to fix "No Suggestion" on ctrl+space on xml file android studio?


I can’t get any suggestion from my xml layout file. What must I do to fix the problem?

I have tried to invalidate/restart Android studio, enable and disable, deleting build folder, .idea folder, .iml file, and I have tried to make a new project but the suggestion still not show up.

enter image description here

I just want to show suggestion like before normally.

enter image description here

And every time i select TextView or EditText the element not making layout_width and height automatically.

enter image description here

How I Solved It!

Everybody maybe had a different way of solving this problem. But for me after doing so many experiments, the last thing I do is going to delete configuration setting for Android Studio on “C:\Users\.AndroidStudio” then all fixed for me.


Normally, you will not get suggestions until your project is rightly indexed. So before the indexing is complete, you will see this problem. Once the indexing of files is complete, you should be able to see the suggestions.

However, if the indexing is complete and you still do not get the suggestion, I would like to recommend to install the latest version of Android Studio again and do not import any settings from your previous version.

You can also try looking for if the Power Saving Mode and invalidating the cache. This post addresses the same issue I think where you might have a look as well.

Answered By – Reaz Murshed

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