[FIXED] How to clear the cached memory of Viewpager with Tablayout


I just started using ViewPager and Tablayout from Material Design (comes with Android Studio). I created 5 fragments and I am able to use an swipe them as needed.

Based on user selection in Fragment2 I want to remove Fragment3. However, after removing the Tab from the tablayout, when swiping to the 3rd tab (which was the 4th tab before the removal of the 3rd tab) the wrong fragment is displayed – the system has the 3rd Fragment in memory and displayes it.
If I destroy that fragment then I get an exception about “Can’t change tag of fragment”.

How can I tell the system that the 3rd fragment is not to be used or to remove it from memory until I need it and then to reload it to memory.


Are you using FragmentPagerAdapter? If so, you might wanna try FragmentStatePagerAdapter. Because it will destroy the unused fragments.
If not, provide some code so we might be able to dive in deeper.

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