[FIXED] How to bring username show it at Shell with xamarin?


How to bring username show it at Shell with xamarin?

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At first, you can try to set the LoginPage as the MainPage in the App.cs:

 public App()
        MainPage = new Page1();

Then you can set the FlyoutHeader in the AppShell.xaml, such as:

    <Label x:Name="header" />

And then you can change AppShell’s construction method, such as:

public AppShell(string name)
        header.Text = name;

Finally, you can set the App.Current.MainPage as AppShell in the login button’s clicked event in the LoginPage, such as:

private void Button_Clicked(object sender, EventArgs e)
        string name = "";
        App.Current.MainPage = new AppShell(name);

In addition, you can also try to use mvvm and bind a string variable which is in the viewmodel to the control which you want to show the username. And then change the variable’s value in the button clicked event.

Answered By – Liyun Zhang – MSFT

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