[FIXED] How to add SHA-1 to android application


I’m trying to create a dynamic link in Firebase, when I’m selecting the android app, it shows an error saying “Add SHA-1 to this android app”, I’ve already added a credential, but I’m not sure how exactly do I “add SHA-1 to the app”

How is this done?


SHA-1 generation in android studio:

change firebase project setting

Press add fingerprint button

  1. Select Gradle in android studio from right panel

  2. Select Your App

  3. In Tasks -> android-> signingReport

Double click signingReport.

How to get sha1 fingerprint

You will find the SHA-1 fingerprint in the “Gradle Console

Add this SHA-1 fingerprint in firebase console

Add SHA1 fingerprint

Answered By – Damini Mehra

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