[FIXED] How to add Margin in Jetpack Compose?


How exactly can you add Margin in Jetpack Compose?

I can see that there is a Modifier for padding with Modifier.padding(...) but I can’t seem to find one for margins or am I blind?

Someone guide me please.

Thank you very much.


You can consider padding and margin as the same thing (imagine it as "spacing"). A padding can be applied twice (or more) in the same composable and achieve the similar behavior you would get with margin+padding. For example:

val shape = CircleShape
    text = "Text 1",
    style = TextStyle(
        color = Color.White,
        fontWeight = FontWeight.Bold,
        textAlign = TextAlign.Center),
    modifier = Modifier.fillMaxWidth()
        .border(2.dp, MaterialTheme.colors.secondary, shape)
        .background(MaterialTheme.colors.primary, shape)

Will result on this:

enter image description here

As you can see, the first padding is adding a space between the component and its border. Then the background and border are defined. Finally, a new padding is set to add space between the border and the text.

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