[FIXED] How do you access a model attribute with javascript variable


I’m adding an attribute to my ModelAndView in spring and after this i forwarding it to my thymeleaf view.

In the view i have the following code:

<script th:inline="javascript">
            var applicationName = /*[[${T(com.sample.constants.ApplicationConstants).MODEL_ATTR_COLLECTED_VALUES}]]*/ "Test";
            var collectedValueJson = [[${collectedValues}]];

Result from this is

var applicationName = 'collectedValues';
var collectedUserJson = '[{\"givenname\":\"Muster\",\"surname\":\"Peter\"}]';

That’s fine. Now my wish for this is, that i can take the var application and access with this variable the modelattribute, but that’s not working.

Result is this:

var tmp2 = ${applicationName};

An other try was, that i have access to the modelattribute with the syntax /*[[ ]]*/ from the first try:

var applicationName = ${/*[[${T(com.sample.constants.ApplicationConstants).MODEL_ATTR_COLLECTED_VALUES}]]*/};

But result will be:

var tmp = ${'collectedValues'

i have no idea what can i try.

Any other suggestions?

Thank’s in advance.


there is no way you can access model atributes hence they are on server side and they where lost when rendering jsp into HTML

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