[FIXED] How do I use lldb to debug C++ code on Android on command line


I am trying to figure out to debug my Android ndk project in c++, using the lldb debugger.

I am trying achieve this by using the command line only.

I can not seem to find any articles or documentation on how to use lldb along with adb to debug an app from the command line.


Probably you can try below: (This example steps are based on macOS)

run gdb server and attach process

//Below commands will suspend the execution on the running app, and waits for a debugger to connect to it on port 5045.
adb shell

// to get pid
root@generic_x86:/ # ps | grep <your-app-name>
u0_a54    6510  1196  800157 47442 ffffffff b662df1b S 


root@generic_x86:/ # gdbserver :5045 --attach 6510 (PID)
Attached; pid = 6510
Listening on port 5045
//The process is now suspended, and gdbserver is listening for debugging clients on port 5045.

attach gdb debugger

//open a new terminal, e.g. terminal2, send below commands from this new terminal
//forward the above port to a local port on the host with the abd forward command
adb forward tcp:5045 tcp:5045
//launch gdb client from your android ndk folder
//Target the gdb to the remote sever
(gdb) target remote :5045

//now the process is successfully attached with the application for debugging, you can see below info from terminal 1.
Remote debugging from host

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