[FIXED] How do I debug an Android app that crashes only in Release Mode


Everything works in Debug Mode but Crashes in Release Mode. What required permissions are available in Debug Mode that are not turned on in Release mode?


When I set Linking to None, I get past the first screen to my Login screen. However, when I added the Release permission Internet, the first time it tries to read a remote Entity Framework Core Table it crashes.


In Release Mode, if I check Use Shared Runtime, the app runs fine.


I have turned on Debugging while in Release mode Temporarily. The Following line throws a System.TypeInitializationException only in Release Mode:

if (_context.bma_users.Any(p => p.username == _name.Text) && _name.Text != string.Empty)


The answer was to set Additional supported encodings to West in the Android Options screen under Project Properties. It doesn’t seem related but I was trying every possible combination and this finally worked.

Answered By – Randy

Answer Checked By – Dawn Plyler (Easybugfix Volunteer)

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