[FIXED] Hot reload does not work with .NET MAUI starter project


I’m using Visual Studio 2022 (17.2 Preview 4) to use .NET MAUI for windows.

When trying to hot reload with the default project it gives the error "Hot reload can’t automatically apply your changes. The app needs to be rebuilt to apply updates." I’m using the Debug configuration and the app starts normally. Happens with both Android and Windows builds. How can I solve this?

Here is the screenshot and warning:

enter image description here
Warning ENC1005 The current content of source file ‘C:\Users\selim\source\repos\MauiApp1\MauiApp1\MainPage.xaml.cs’ does not match the built source. Any changes made to this file while debugging won’t be applied until its content matches the built source.


Issue seems to be fixed with the latest preview version of Visual Studio 2022.

Answered By – Selim Sandal

Answer Checked By – Cary Denson (Easybugfix Admin)

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