[FIXED] Google Chrome browser in Android 12 emulator doesn't load any webpages (internet is working!)


I’m using Android Studio 2020.3.1 Patch 2, on Windows 10 and I’m running an Android 12 emulator.

I’m attempting to simply load any webpage using Google Chrome, however all that happens is that the progress bar appears, but nothing ever loads regardless of the website that I try to load. The other thing that happens is that sometimes Chrome just sits on the loading screen itself and doesn’t finish loading when started.

I’ve verified that the emulator has internet access, and in fact I can get webpages to load using the Webview Browser Tester app that is present in the emulator by default.

Stumped with this one, any help is appreciated.


It’s caused by vulkan. To fix it, you must turn vulkan off on emulator or chrome.

# Here's how to disable Vulkan apps to talk to the emulator.

# Add the following lines to ~/.android/advancedFeatures.ini (create this file if it doesn't exist already):

Vulkan = off
GLDirectMem = on

If you want to use both vukan and chrome on emulator, just mark vulkan flag as disabled in chrome://flags and re-enable Vulkan on emulator by changing Vulkan value to on or deleting advancedFeatures.ini.

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