[FIXED] Flutter iOS Firebase dynamic link push named page with the link value


Currently I am working with the Dynamic links from Firebase to implement the password reset function.

On Android everything is working fine and I am handling the deep link if the app get opened by it.

On iOS on the other hand it’s also working, but the Flutter app pushes an extra named route with the value of the link. So if someone opens the app it automatically pushes a page with the named route "example.link.com".

How can I disable that?


There is an issue open on FlutterFire for this behavior, Flutter deep-linking and firebase_dynamic_links should work well together, but the reason is as follows:

On this documentation from flutter, it shows that to activate flutter deep linking on iOS, you need to add this to info.plist


and below it, there’s a table showing the behavior of a flutter app with flutter deep linking enabled :
enter image description here

which is exactly what we are experiencing.
so removing that flag from my project’s info.plist fixed my problem.

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