[FIXED] Flutter debugger cannot evaluate variable


So I’m importing data using private api and trying to implement some of the data into variables –

lastName: getJsonField((verifyEmail?.jsonBody ?? ''), r'''$.lname''',).toString();

lastName for example in the debugger – doesn’t get a value for some reason, it Cannot evaluate it
while if i look up only the expression

getJsonField((verifyEmail?.jsonBody ?? ''), r'''$.lname''',).toString()

I’ll get the value that i intend to get. Anything wrong with the way im trying to save it in vars?


For some reason, flutter doesn’t imply the value of the jsonField into the new variable, happens specifically when trying to push variables to other pages


lastName: AuthCandCall.authLname(api?.jsonBody ?? '').toString();

AuthCandCall – the api response endpoint’s name

authLname – specifically one of the parameter from the api’s response

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