[FIXED] Difference between SDK and NDK in android


Since 2 Years I am working as Android Application Developer. I generally use android SDK for all the Android Apps Development. Now I have a project which is an Android App in which I have to use SDK as well as NDK for App development (As per Client requirement).
But as I don’t have any experience with NDK I don’t know what is it. In some Blogs I have read that NDK development is based on c++.

Is it true that to work with NDK one must have the complete knowledge of c++ ?

Please Help !!


Use of NDK means you have to write portion of code in C/C++ just to achieve the speed. If it is client requirement then you have no option. But keep in mind that you should use NDK only when you feel you need better performance. And of course you must have some understanding of c/c++ to use NDK.

Answered By – Prabir Ghosh

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