[FIXED] Could not find a part of the path nuget\packages\xamarin.firebase.ios.core\\lib\net6.0-ios15.4


I want to download MTAdmob plugin from NuGet for visual studio 2022 but at the end of downloading giving this error, please someone help me how to fix it.

Could not find a part of the path



Did you upgrade your xamarin project to the .net6.0 or migrate it to the maui? If so, you can download the package named Plugin.MauiMTAdmob.

If you project is just a xamarin.Forms, you can download the nuget package named MarcTron.Admob which is supported for the xamarin.

Answered By – Liyun Zhang – MSFT

Answer Checked By – David Marino (Easybugfix Volunteer)

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