[FIXED] Corners are still visible in SwipeView on iOS, Xamarin Forms


I still have the corners displayed when I’m using a SwipeView. It doesn’t do this under Xamarin.Android, just only in Xamarin.iOs

enter image description here

There is the code:

<SwipeView BackgroundColor="Transparent">
        <SwipeItems Mode="Reveal">

                    ***** Some code for the SwipeItems ****


    <Frame Margin="20" HeightRequest="65" BorderColor="CornflowerBlue"
           BackgroundColor="CadetBlue" CornerRadius="20">

                    ***** Some code *****

Does someone know why?
Thank you


The reason why this is happening is that you have specified a background color to your SwipeView and BackgroundColor is at times treated differently on different platforms

All you need to do is instead of setting it transparent set it to what your background color should be.

<SwipeView BackgroundColor="CadetBlue">

Hope this helps

Answered By – FreakyAli

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