[FIXED] Bezier circles getting cropped on the mac


My app runs on Mac and iOS. (two code bases with lots of shared code).

I have a piece of common code that converts a shape to a NSBezierPath/UIBezierPath.
The code is identical between the two – except for the NS*/UI*.
I then create a CAShapeLayer and set the path for the layer to the Bezier path.
That layer is added to a set of layers in the view. Again… common code between iOS and Mac.

One type of shape is a simple circle.
To create this I call:

path.AddArc(point.CGPoint(), width/2, 0, (float)(2 * Math.PI), true);

When I add this to my layer… I get a clipped circle, but only on the Mac. On iOS this works perfectly.

Clipped on Mac with AddArc

I tried switching to AppendPathWithOvalInRect:


That provides a slightly different clip direction:

Clipped on Mac with Oval

The layer construction is very simple, and identical between Mac and iOS.

var layer = new CAShapeLayer();
layer.LineWidth = 0f;
layer.FillColor = color;
layer.StrokeColor = color;
layer.Path = GetBezier().CGPath();


I can see no evidence of masks or clipping on any other object. Just all my circles, and only on the Mac.

I’ve also included below an example of a number of simple objects – lines, fat lines, circles. You can see that all circles have this weird clipping.

Clipping only on circles

Any thoughts on what I might be missing here?
Thx for your help…


I have a solution.

It turns out I was missing a ClosePath().

Interestingly… iOS does not need the ClosePath call.
On the Mac, the following calls do need a ClosePath call:
AddArc, FromOvalInRect, AppendPathWithArc.
The following call did not seem to need a ClosePath call:
because I could use that to draw a perfect circle.

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