[FIXED] Android: TextView automatically truncate and replace last 3 char of String


If a String is longer than the TextView‘s width it automatically wraps onto the next line. I can avoid this by using android:singleLine (deprecated) or by setting android:inputType="text". What I need now is something that replaces the last 3 characters of my String with ““. Since I’m not using a monospace font this will always be different depending on the letters used in my String. So I’m wondering what’s the best way to get the last 3 characters of a String in a TextView and replace them. Maybe there’s already something implemented in the Android framework, since this must be a common problem.


You should be able to use the “ellipsize” property of a text view:


You may also need to apply gravity values to the layout too; I have sometimes seen “auto-stretching” views without them.

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