[FIXED] Android Studio debugger taking too long to start/load


I had recently intalled NDK and had worked on jni for some time. I am again now shifted to my normal Android work but now when I am applying a debugger, the debugger is taking too much time to load. It loads many so files and all which are required to debug native code/ jni related stuff. I want to disable this so that debugger knows that I do not wnt to debug any cpp files. I am using Android studio 2.2.2 and I have tried setting “Debug type” of debugger to “Java” from “Edit Configurations” but it did not helped me. It stills loads the LLDB server and related so files while stating debugger.

Any help would be really appreciated.. !!!


run app first, then press the “attach debugger to android process” button, it will open a choose process dialog, set the debugger from ‘auto’ to ‘java’.

press this button

Answered By – Robin Zhou

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