[FIXED] "Android SDK folder inside the application folder" When upgrading android studio


When upgrading android studio from 0.8.9 to 0.8.14 I get the error

Android SDK folder inside the application folder

even though my Android SDK folder is not inside Android Studio Folder.


As you can see in the release notes:

To proceed, you should open up a file explorer or finder window, go to the Android Studio installation (e.g. /Applications/Android Studio.app) and move the sdk/ folder over to a different location, such as your home directory. Once done, press Retry to finish installing the patch. The reason this is necessary is two-fold: First, we have made a lot of improvements to make the patch updater more accurate, and in order for installation signatures to match, you cannot have non-application folders inside the application directory. Second, placing the SDK folder inside the application directory was probably not a good idea to begin with: this folder should typically be writable and in a directory with a lot of extra diskspace, such that users can easily download and install additional libraries, system images and so on. We are doing some work on the installer side to make this easier to set up.

In the meantime, please find a different place to put the SDK (for example ~/android-sdk), and then point your SDK to this directory location instead. You can do this either by opening up the Project Structure Dialog and selecting the SDK Location tab, or if you try to load a project which is using the old location, you’ll be prompted for the new location:
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