[FIXED] Android ndk file not found on github actions


I am trying to implement CI on app which contains native code in C++ using github actions
When i am running workflow it’s says that there is no headers near the .cpp, but it is here and i have setted include directories in build.gradle and Android.mk file, the build is fine on local PC(windows)

[armeabi-v7a] Compile++ thumb: samp <= CAuthentication.cpp In file
included from
/home/runner/work/client/client/app/src/main/cpp/main.h:23:10: fatal
error: ‘vendor\RakNet\SAMP\samp_netencr.h’ file not found
#include "vendor\RakNet\SAMP\samp_netencr.h"

file CAuthentication.cpp is in the same directory as directory "vendor"

I also tried to set environment variable in github job but it does not help


If you’re using backslashes in your include directives as the error seems to suggest, try to change them into forward slashes:

#include "vendor/RakNet/SAMP/samp_netencr.h"

Also check the path for case correctness. Windows has a case-insensitive filesystem, while the CI might be running some form of Linux.

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