[FIXED] Android Emulator "Allow USB Debugging" dialog close right after showing


I’m trying to debug with Android R in Pixel emulated devices w/ PlayServices but the "Allow USB Debugging" dialog instantly close right after showing, so I can’t click in "Allow" to AS connect to the AVD. I went to Developer options in Android to switch off and on again the USB debugging, but again the dialog close imediatelly right after showing. I tried kill/star ADB and unistalling all AS/user configs/etc and reinstalling again but didn’t solve. Anyone has a clue?


I had the same issue. I tried to click "Allow" in time, but it was too fast on my PC. However, I noticed that after a cold boot this popup pops and doesn’t hide for some time (may be due to load lag), so I managed to click it this way.

If someone still has this problem and the goal is to upload some file or apk, better upload it to google drive and download it by link in the emulator.

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