[FIXED] ActiveMQ: Openwire vs AMQP vs Stomp


ActiveMQ is a Message Broker that supports many different protocols such as Openwire, AMQP and Stomp. It is really confusing to know:

  • what are the differences between using Openwire and AMQP as a base protocol to send and receive messages in the project?
  • what are the merits and demerits of any of those protocols over each other?
  • Is this possible to use them in a same machine simultaneously?
  • Is there any possibility to send a message from the browser using Stomp and receive that message in the server using two other protocols?


For 1 and 2, maybe this page is helpful:

  1. yes, a single ActiveMQ instance can provide all protocols at the same time
  2. yes, see AMQP & Openwire – Activemq broker and 2 different consumers

Answered By – mjn

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